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Refer to the approval signed by His Excellency; Prince minister of National Defense Ministry dated Jan 12, 2001.

Refer to the announcement No. 0271 2001 dated Jan 16, 2001.

Cambodia is part of Indochina and was colonized by France from 1863 until independence was achieved in 1954, at which time the formal name was changed to the "Kingdom of Cambodia". However on March 18, 1970 the government of Kingdom of Cambodia was overthrown by a coup led by Lon Nol and the name was changed to the "Khmer Republic". Civil war began immediately and was to last for the next five years, laying the seeds for the ruin that would follow.

On April 17, 1975 the Lon Nol regime was finished but the new rulers proved to be even worse. The next five years brought a period of unparalleled misery for the Khmer people. The revolutionary government was known as "Democratic Kampuchea" and its supreme leader was the infamous Pol Pot. Fortunately, this genocidal regime was toppled on January 7, 1979 but the bloody civil war continued until 1998.

Due to the above circumstances, it means Cambodia was a war torn country for nearly three decades. In particular the Khmer Rouge continued to prove a major nuisance to the re construction of the country. So here are weapons and landmines that were used and remain in some parts of the country, especially in the Western Provinces such as Siem Reap, Udor Meanchey ... etc. And as you have known Cambodia is one of the countries, which still contains many landmines. Even though civil war has ended some weapons and landmines continue to injure or kill some people who are living or working on some places. Since these times we have so many victims of the war, such as the people who are blind or have lost their leg(s), hand(s), etc. But we don't know precisely what kinds of weapons or landmines were used during that time.

Fortunately, the government's policy is to halt all conflicts and to ensure peace in an effort to develop the country and eradicate weapons, landmines, and all other relics of the Kingdom's horrendous civil war.

In order to keep the country safe and clean, old weapons have been collected and conserved in the Museum to show the people who want to know or study it. Old weapons are also kept as evidence to remind people of the horror of war. The WAR MUSEUM is only one in Cambodia. It was built in February 2001 by the Ministry of National Defense, on 2 hectares of Land, located approximately 3 Km to the west of Siem Reap Town, near National Road No. 6, between Siem Reap Town and the Airport.

The War Museum exhibits many kinds of old (de activated) weapons, landmines which were used in nearly three decades of civil war of Cambodia~ Tanks, APC, Artillery pieces, Mortars, Arms, arid landmines.

If you are very interested in this part of Cambodia's history or just need a break from sightseeing at the Angkor Temples, you should come by and spend 30 minutes or 1 hour of your time to visit the War Museum. The War Museum is now officially open to the public We wish to extend a warm welcome to you every day from 8:00AM to 5:30 PM

Airforce MIG 19

Mig  19 made in China. It was used in Cambodia by Pol Pot regime (1975­1979) and destroyed in 1978 near Phnom Penh City.

Bomb MK  82

MK  82 is bomb of Aircraft 211 made in former former Soviet Union, 250Kg weight. It was used in Cambodia during Lon Nol regime (1970   1975).